Do you want to share your screen in a FaceTime conversation?
If so, how do you share your screen in a FaceTime conversation?
This blog post will show you how to use the Facetime app better.

Apple has a new app called FaceTime. It is like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet. Apple’s unique features include calling Android phones from your iPhone and watching movies together on your phone. Now you can learn how to use Screen Share in FaceTime on iOS 15.

What Is Screen Sharing On Facetime?

Screen sharing is a new feature that lets you share your screen with others on FaceTime. Screen sharing is an excellent way to show people your screen. You can use it during online presentations with Microsoft Powerpoint or other apps. Sharing your screen saves time and effort because you don’t have to send files, documents, or videos. It’s best for virtual meetings.

How To Share Screen On Facetime?

Follow these steps to share your screen on facetime:

  • Open the FaceTime App
  • Tap on the Create Link button to make a new FaceTime link. Choose the Share Link option and share it with your friends by text, email, iMessage, or WhatsApp. After that, start a FaceTime call.
  • There are a couple of ways you can share screens. One way is to tap on “New FaceTime” and enter your friends’ names that you want to share with them. Tap “FaceTime” to start a video call.
  • In the new control panel, tap on the Screen Share button at the top right.
  • Next, touch “Share My Screen.” Screen sharing will start after a countdown (3, 2, 1).
  • 5. To share an app with someone, find the app you want to show and click on it. That’s all there is to it.

How To Use FaceTime to Share Your Screen on iPhone and iPad?

Here are a few ways to use FaceTime on your iOS or iPadOS device – which would be better if Apple offered a web app for the video-calling app so that anyone could install it and start using it. I’m glad, at least, that they’ve made it into such an excellent tool for online video conferences. The launch of iOS 15 is coming up soon – maybe when it happens, they’ll change this part of the interface.

Can you share your screen with users of Android and Windows during a FaceTime call?

Android and Windows users can join meetings using FaceTime. They can do this on the browser. But they can’t do much more than that. Apple made the app, so it doesn’t work well with other devices.

Apple has yet to announce any significant changes or updates with iOS 15, so this guide will be updated when necessary. For now, use this guide on how to share your screen through FaceTime with users running the latest iteration of iOS.

Final Thought

I hope you found this how-to share your screen in a FaceTime conversation guide helpful. If you have any doubt, please feel free to leave a comment. Or contact us using the links in this blog post, and we will provide the best assistance we can.


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