How to Fix: FaceTime Camera not Working Error

How to Fix: FaceTime Camera not Working Error
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Updated March 17, 2022
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Many FaceTime users have recently been experiencing this issue with their FaceTime camera not working.

FaceTime is a popular video chatting app that lets you talk face-to-face and see other people’s emotions right on your screen. Unfortunately, many FaceTime users are now reporting that their FaceTime camera isn’t working for them, so they cannot make or receive any FaceTiming sessions.

This blog post will help you fix your FaceTime camera so you can get back to using this incredible video chatting app again.

How to Fix: FaceTime Camera not Working

There are many troubleshooting steps you can take to fix the FaceTime camera not working, such as:

Restart Your Device

First, power down the device, then power it back up. This simple step can do wonders when your system is experiencing minor glitches and often resolves the issue entirely for many users. If you aren’t looking at a significant problem, this should fix any issues with your FaceTime camera.

Make Sure To On The Camera

If FaceTime is not enabled, then you will be unable to turn the camera on. So make sure that FaceTime’s Camera feature has been turned on and fix any issues with your FaceTime camera. If FaceTime is already activated, but it does not show up in the list of apps when tapped on your home screen, tap “Apple App Store” or “Updates” from within Settings > General > Software Update. You may need an update for FaceTime software, so this can resolve some of these more minor glitches as well.

Reinstall The Application

Sometimes a simple uninstall and reinstall will do wonders if there are any minor bugs going around or other programs interfering with FaceTime’s normal functioning – especially if FaceTime is a newer application for you.

If none of the above steps fix your issue, then you may have to call Apple and speak with an agent about the FaceTime camera not working on their end. If this is the case, it’s best to contact them through social media or email so that they can diagnose the problem better when they are online rather than waiting for a phone call from you.

Check Content & Privacy Restrictions

The content and privacy restrictions under the Screen Time option present by default on your phone can also prevent FaceTime from working properly. Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions is the default location for content and privacy restrictions.

Try To Update iOS

If FaceTime is still not working, you may need to update your iOS operating system. For that, go to Settings > General > Software Update and update the iOS.

All of these steps should fix the Facetime camera not working on your device so you can use it again as expected. However, if they still don’t work, then contact Apple for assistance!

Do A Factory Restore

A factory restore is the last resort that you can take to fix the FaceTime camera not working. You will need to have your device backed up first before proceeding with this step, so make sure you do it if all else fails.

Factory resetting a phone or tablet deletes most of its content and settings but keeps documents such as photos in iCloud Drive (if enabled). This may be necessary for devices running slower than expected due to too much data on the device or other issues.

It’s also helpful when a problem is challenging to diagnose because it forces the operating system out of any potentially corrupted state; thus, reinstalling FaceTime without restoring from backup should remove any problems caused by outdated FaceTime software updates and apps interfering with FaceTime.

Final Thought

This blog post is a step-by-step guide on how to fix the FaceTime camera not working. If you followed all of the steps and your FaceTime still isn’t working, contact Apple for assistance.

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