9 Ways to Fix FaceTime Not Working

9 Ways to Fix FaceTime Not Working
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Updated March 17, 2022
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The holidays are a time for family. But what happens when your Facetime is not working, and you can’t see, or talk to, the people you love most? This blog post will go over nine ways that will help fix Facetime not working on iPhone and iPad devices.

We’ll also show you how to make sure that Facetime isn’t running in the background so it doesn’t drain your battery. If Facetime still doesn’t work after these steps, don’t panic! Your network connection might be down, or your cellular provider might be having trouble.

9 Ways to Fix FaceTime Not Working

There are a few different things that can happen when Facetime is not working, and it’s essential to know the symptoms of each issue so you’re ready for anything.

We’ll show you how to fix Facetime on iPhone or iPad devices if you don’t have service with your cellular provider. If Facetime still doesn’t work after these steps, move onto checking FaceTime settings in iCloud Settings & Wi-Fi Networking.

#1. Cellular Provider Issue

Suppose Facetimes doesn’t work because you are experiencing an issue with a cell phone service provider like AT&T, Verizon Wireless, etc. There isn’t much fixing needed in that case, but just waiting until they get their act together.

#2. Restart Facetime

Restarting Facetime is usually the quickest fix. If Facetimes still doesn’t work, move onto checking FaceTime settings in iCloud Settings & Wi-Fi Networking.

  • To restart Facetime:
  • Tap on “Settings” and then select General from the left column of your screen.
  • Scroll down until you find Facetime, tap it once and wait for a confirmation message that says “Facetime has been reset.” This should automatically resolve any issues with Facetime not working on iPhone or iPad devices.

#3. Restart Your iPhone, iPad, or Mac

When Facetime doesn’t work on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, it is best to restart it.

If your FaceTime isn’t working, you can restart your device. The best troubleshooting tip is to close all the apps on your phone before continuing. That way, you won’t lose any work, and everything will start fresh after the restart.

#4. Is Facetime Down for All User

Apple services sometimes have issues, which means that if you try to use FaceTime, it won’t work. Unfortunately, you can’t do anything about this except wait until they fix the problem. To find out how well Apple services are working, take a look at the current status of every service on the Apple System Status website. This page also tells you when FaceTime will be down for scheduled maintenance periods.

#5. Is Facetime Supported In Your Country

FaceTime is only available in the US, Canada, and a few other countries. You’ll know Facetime isn’t working if you’re using an iPhone or iPad but not connecting with someone who’s on Facetime from their Mac computer.

#6. Is Facetime Not Working On Your Phone But Still Works On Wi-Fi

If Facetimes doesn’t work when it should because Wi-Fi coverage is weak, try these tips to make FaceTime work better:
Add another device that has good signal coverage to your networks, like a laptop or tablet.
Move closer to the router (or move the router), so your devices get a more reliable internet connection for Facetime video calls.
Switchback off Airplane mode so you can connect via Facetime on your phone

If Facetimes still doesn’t work, there might be an issue with the Wi-Fi network you’re connecting to or a problem at that end of the connection.

#7. Make Sure You Use the Right Contact Details

To find your contact information for FaceTime, go to Settings > FaceTime > FaceTime At Can reach you. Ask the person you are talking to if they can do the same.

To check your contact details on a Mac, open the FaceTime app and go to Preferences. Your contact details are in the middle of this screen.

#8. Update the Software

Checking for Facetime software updates is a great way to make Facetime not working. For example, it might be an issue with the version of Facetime you are using, and updating it will fix any bugs or errors that have been fixed in newer versions.

Some older FaceTime on Mac computers can’t connect over Wi-Fi without plugging into your network via ethernet cable because their OS (operating system) doesn’t support this feature.

#9. Check Your Device Date And Time

If Facetime isn’t working, double-check that your device’s date and time are correct. If this is the issue, you can manually set it up or automatically wait for Facetime to sync with a new network.

Final Thought

I hope this 9 Ways to Fix Facetime Not Working blog post has given you some helpful ideas on fixing Facetime not working. Staying connected with your family is simple and easy with Facetime, and you can use it right away.

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